After reading a number of ‘Choose your own Adventure’ books as a young boy I came to the conclusion that if I was going to develop the biggest bag of skills so it could take me the furthest in life.

I’ve been on that mission ever since then and by the age of thirty people started saying to me that I’d already achieved more than what most people achieve in their whole life.

At age thirty three I was chasing my dream of building an international travel company. It was the third year of growing this business and I had over a hundred excellent reviews on Trip Advisor (98% rated 5/5). BUT I discovered many hidden challenges whilst managing growth, my team, customers and also myself. 


My days became more frustrating, disappointing and a number of things weren’t working out. My personal finances, relationships and physical health were struggling and a lower back injury disabled me for eighteen months.

I was angry, upset and frustrated.

And I remember thinking “This isn’t the vision I had for my life”.

My life got worse and eventually it became too much.

So, I chose to leave my business and go on a journey to discover how to turn my life around.


It led me to do a massive amount of personal development work and understanding the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual domains.

And extraordinary things started to occur.

I became aware of how I was getting in my own way and preventing the results I dreamed of.

And then I had nineteen days in a row where I had the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE !!!

Yes – nineteen days in a row of having the best day of my life.

I now have access to this experience many times during the day and I show others how to do the same.

I won the Investible Masterclass for entrepreneurs (Build a million dollar business in 3 months) and then worked closely with Australia’s top Angel Investors and high potential start-ups.

I’ve become a specialist in being able to help others to find the source of their deepest and hardest issues … and assisting them to move them out of the way.

And it’s an absolute honor and privilege to work with people at such a deep level.

Yes – I have issues that I am dealing with too – and I have specialists to help me identify and clear where I’m blocked.

Nowadays, I’m coaching people while leading Project Interrupt – causing people and environments to increase in health and abundance.

Samuel McLennan

In the first year I generated over $2.4M in support and I did it with an income below the poverty line and the worst resources possible (rubbish washed up in the marine environment.

My clients love learning about how I deal with the issues I face – They say I ‘walk the talk’ and it inspires them to keep going.

I look forward to talking with you – a chat is just a chat and you are free to say yes or no to any of my questions.

We all have something beautiful and unique to offer this world – are you going to flourish so we can all experience it?

Love Samuel