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Causing people and environments to increase in health and abundance.

Leadership & Performance Services

Would you like for YOURSELF:

  • An increase in clarity, calmness and confidence?
  • Higher levels of motivation, inspiration and creativity?
  • Less stress, worry, concern, anxiety or fears?
  • Deeper levels of purpose and sustainability?
  • Stronger connections with other people?
  • Improved leadership and management skills?
  • More time, money, freedom and less hard work?
  • More joy, happiness and bigger results?
  • To convert your wild dream into a reality?
  • To be the best version of yourself?

Would you like for your BUSINESS:

  • Improved performance of all business aspects (more leads, sales, income, profit etc)?
  • Increased customer (and staff) experience and retention rate?
  • Improved work quality, practices and professionalism?
  • Improved levels of accountability and responsibility?
  • Increased levels of trust, security, loyalty and transparency?
  • Powerful new leaders to rise?
  • Improvements in organisational culture?
  • A reduction in costs (time, money and resources)?
  • An increase in business value?

How do I get started?

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What is Leadership & Performance coaching?

In today’s chaotic and rapidly changing environment that’s filled with uncertainty, pressure and achievement,
those who flourish are those who are flexible and open to exploring new ideas, information and avenues as they arise.

Learn how my coaching works and how to break through your blockages and barriers here …

Samuel McLennan Testimonials

George Sabados – Business consultant and Founder of Mongrel Joe’s Coffee: “He solves the insolvable problems for me”
Francois Genest – Global transformation specialist & keynote speaker: “He truly has exceptional skills in what he does”

A Leadership & Performance Specialist

I am a global online coach based in Tasmania (Australia).

For over 30 years I have worked with a broad spectrum of individuals, organisations and industries throughout the world. 

My passion is identifying the invisible blockages that have been holding you, your team or your business back.

I assist you to identify and remove those blockages – so you can achieve the results you’ve wanted.

Large international organisations, local councils and high profile individuals sponsor and support the work I do.

Read more here

My Personal Leadership and Performance Project: Project Interrupt

My personal Leadership and Performance project has achieved extraordinary results in the first 12 months. I’ve created a rare, ‘Once in a lifetime’ experience and my recipe keeps on blowing me away with the magic and miracles that keep showing up … Read more here…

Do you have the courage to do something about your issues and take your Leadership and Performance to another level?

Business Coach
“I get so much value out of working with Sam” – Amber Kaba, The White Jacket Effect
Stephen Yang – Founder of Foredge
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