How Leadership & Performance coaching starts

You know how every good athlete has a coach to help them to greatness?

Well, it’s the same for you and your performance.

Three Simple Steps:

1. Discovery

A free 15-20 minutes where we have a short conversation to see if I can help you:

  • What your problems & issues are
  • What the impacts are
  • How long you’ve had the issues for
  • What results you’re looking for
  • When you want your results

If I can’t help you then I’ll point you in the right direction so you can keep moving forward.

If I feel I can, then I’ll go away, think, and develop a road map.

2. Roadmap

A 1.5hr session ($150) where I present a 3 month plan and initial coaching session:

  • Where you’re at
  • Where you want to get to
  • The pathway
  • The blockages
  • The milestones
  • The coaching schedule and fee

Then you go away and have a think if you’d like the 3 month coaching and the results.

3. Results

Over a 3 month period we have weekly coaching sessions where we work through the plan, discuss where you’re at, what results you’re getting, what you’re bumping up against and the pathway forward.

It’s normal for unexpected things to pop up and that the ride may get a little bumpy at times – feel safe knowing there’s emergency coaching sessions for you when you need it most.

After these 3 months we’ll look at the results and you’ll choose what you want to do next.

If you’d like to take the next step – click on my contact page or click here

Here’s a diagram of some of what we identify, shift, and create:


If you don’t change anything you’ll keep getting the same results you did in the past.

To get access to NEW results you need to learn and apply new information.

I specialise in identifying this new information and guiding you to see it – for the first time in your life.

Are you ready to do something about your issues and take your Leadership and Performance to another level?

Here’s more information on how the coaching works here