Project Interrupt

This personal project combines all of my skills, knowledge and passion. 

I’m creating a sailing vessel out of marine debris washed up in Tasmania and I’m sailing the vessel from Hobart to Sydney (and beyond).

And the results I’m causing along the way are: People and environments that increase in health and abundance.

Waste in the environment doesn’t work at many levels and I’m standing up to tackle the issues.

Yes, the vessel looks unique and interesting and it’s a structure that creates the conversations about:

  • Corporate responsibility, government and political responsibility and individual responsibility (How to be aware of our impacts on others)
  • Environmental sustainability (The importance of nature and the environment for the future of the planet and every living thing on it)
  • Creativity (How creativity is the key to finding solutions to the issues)
  • Entrepreneurship (How to get traction with a startup / project when you have little money and poor resources)
  • Mental Health and Mindset (How to handle worst case scenarios and do what some people say is ‘Impossible’ or ‘crazy’)
  • Teamwork, Management & Leadership (How to create a powerful team, how to manage a team to get results and what good leadership looks like)
  • Culture (How Aboriginals maintained the environment by listening to their elders)
  • Plus others!
This pic: Adam Gibson

It’s been a super exciting venture and there’s three documentaries being made about it (2 are full length doco’s from professional film makers and they’re pitching to Netflix, Discovery Channel and others early 2023).

In 9 months I’ve generated over $2.1M in support and funding (dozens of local, national and international organisations are supporting).

And a number of results have been communicated as ‘unheard of’ (i.e. Unanimous support from Hobart City Council, and traction from videos and images on Instagram)

My clients have loved me sharing about the breakdowns I go through and how I get my results – One (Mark D) said recently “You really do walk the talk”.

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